Demand for higher crop quality, concerns about ground water contamination, the development of genetically engineered plant varieties, trends toward natural insect control, increasing government regulations, soil erosion and the need to achieve the highest economic return are all factors which force farmers to take a fresh look at every area of their operation.
What once were considered the "best" management practices have now given way to a whole new set of better management practices which cultivate environmental responsibility, better land stewardship and growing returns.
Technology offers farmers more opportunities than ever to improve their returns on investment, but even crops utilizing 21st century genetic technology will not reach their full potential with a 20th century fertilization program.
Ideas about good fertilization are changing. Each growing season brings conditions that challenge your crop in different ways. Understanding and becoming familiar with the "The Language of the Plant" will help you meet these challenges
Stoller Middle East developed this web site to answer the increasing number of questions many farmers are asking about fertilization. We develop products to meet your needs, and thus our products are continuously evolving. The constant that we have is you, the grower, without you we cannot exist. If you have a thought that you wish to develop into a plan, give us a call, we have or can develop the growing solution you desire. We hope that this site gives you a better idea of what we do and what we can do for you. Crop nutrition, like all other areas of farming, deserves critical reexamination to help you achieve growing returns.
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